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Trauma is the leading cause of death for Americans 45 and younger. In 2014, an estimated 148,000 people die, costing an estimated $670 billion in medical expenses and lost productivity. A government adviser report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine finds that up to 1 in five trauma related deaths may be preventable.
The report found death rates vary twofold between the nation's best and worst trauma centers. But the greatest opportunity to save lives may be before the hospital, by improving nation's first-responder systems. About half of deaths occur at the scene of the injury or en route to the hospital. About half of deaths occur at the scene of the injury or en route to the hospital.
Government advisers are urging creation of a national trauma system that puts the military's battlefield expertise to work. Why the military? The percentage of wounded service members who died of their injuries in Afghanistan decreased by nearly half between 2005 and 2013, the report found. The improvement resulted from systematic study of battlefield deaths that led to new policies � such as equipping soldiers with tourniquets so the wounded didn't have to hope a medic was nearby in time to stop catastrophic bleeding.
An approach of having the appropriate resources and trained responders can enable you to save lives.

The section is for 1st responders whether they be members of the Law Enforcement, Fire Departments or members of the Military, There are even products to aid with workplace response.