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How do I Purchase a Nebulizer?

A Nebulizer is listed as a Class II Medical Device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore should only be sold either TO or ON THE ORDER OF a physician (i.e; with a Prescription).

Please process and enter your credit card information for your Nebulizer directly on our website.  Once your order is processed, you will receive an Order # and an e-mail requesting that you either send us your prescription by mail or have your physician's office fax your information to 803-233-6140.  If you choose to send in your prescription by mail, simply write your Order # on your Prescription before mailing.  YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL AUTHORIZED BUT WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL AFTER YOUR PRESCRIPTION IS RECEIVED.  IF YOUR PRESCRIPTION IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 25 DAYS OF ORDER PLACEMENT, YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED AND A CANCELLATION FEE WILL APPLY.


Where can I find out more product information?

Simply click the product picture or icon to view all the details on any product.  We publish ALL the information provided us by the manufacturer's.  Should there be additional questions, please contact our Customer Service department at 803-233-3691 during regular business hours


Why doesn't the Shopping Cart show the same price as your advertised sale?

Many times we include with our items the most popular options, such as Accessory Kits or Carry Cases.  Please make sure you select the PROPER CONFIGURATION for the product you are looking to purchase.


Why won't my item load to your Shopping Cart?

Our Shopping Cart Technology uses the highest level of Fraud Prevention and sometimes either your Firewall, Wireless Router, DSL Modem or Hub prevent us from loading the security features of our Shopping Cart on your computer.  The most common block is the prevention of us capturing your IP address, which is mandatory for fraud prevention in our system.

When will my Order Ship?

Orders received by 12:00pm EST will usually be  processed the same business day. Orders received by our secure server after the 12:00pm cutoff will be processed and shipped the following business day. Shipping times are in 'business' days and do not include the date the order was placed/shipped.


Do I need a Prescription to purchase from you?

Some of the products we sell are listed as Class II Medical Devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore can only be sold either TO or ON THE ORDER OF a physician (i.e; with a Prescription).  We are permitted by the SC Board of Pharmacy to be allowed to sell these items.

Items that we sell which fall into this category are: Nebulizers and oxygen concentrators.  If you are purchasing one of these items from another company and they do not require a prescription, then they may not be compliant with current Federal Law regarding the sale of these products.  Of course, who you buy from is your decision, but we hope that you will value our goal of  trying to do things appropiately, whether it is with our product selection or how or selling procedures.

If you are purchasing a Class II Medical Device from us and are NOT a Physician, Hospital, School, Health Care Worker or Military Institution, please process and provide payment information for your Item directly on our website.  Once your order is processed, you will receive an Order #.  Simply write that Order # on your Prescription and mail it to us or have your health care provider fax the prescription.  Email, faxes and copies of prescriptions received from patients are not allowed by regulations. 


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