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Masimo makes pulse oximeters that are among the most accurate of all devices,especially during situations where accuracy is needed the most. Masimo has addressed the most difficult challenges of pulse oximetry measurement during periods of motion and low perfusion. Due to limitations in standard pulse ox technology these two challenges can often result in excessive false alarms, delayed notification due to long averaging times, inaccurate data, and an inability to obtain data on the most critical patients.

Conventional pulse oximetry assumes that the only pulsating component is arterial blood. However, venous blood moves every time the patient moves or breathes. This causes conventional pulse oximeters to display false low or high SpO2 and pulse rates�resulting in false alarms as high as 90% in ICUs and recovery rooms.

Masimo's SET (Signal Extraction Technology) technology uses proprietary adaptive filtering techniques to accurately establish a �noise reference� in the detected physiologic signal, thus enabling direct calculation of arterial saturation and pulse rate. Although other pulse oximetry technologies employ one or two algorithms to measure a patient�s arterial oxygen saturation, Masimo SET�s unique patented approach employs five algorithms, working in parallel, to provide accurate SpO2 measurement, even under the most challenging conditions.

Because of its unmatched reliability during challenging conditions of motion and low perfusion, clinicians at thousands of hospitals around the world count on Masimo SET� every day to help them care for patients. And while many leading hospitals have already integrated Masimo SET� pulse oximetry technology,
To date, more than 200 independent and objective studies have shown that Masimo SET� outperforms all other pulse oximetry technologies, providing clinicians with unmatched sensitivity and specificity to make critical patient care decisions. Give us a call at 803-233-3691 if you would like to reference any of these articles.
Masimo pulse oximeters are the standard of care for screening newborns for CCHD, Generally, equipment must be compliant with national standards and adhere to the following:
Must be motion-tolerant and report functional oxygen saturation.
Must be validated in low-perfusion conditions.
Must have been cleared by the FDA for use in newborns.
Must have 2% root, mean-square accuracy.
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