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Readers Comments Taken from the 1/15/14 edition of the NEW YORK TIMES blog featuring the CS10 :


Wayne, PA

It is marvelous that technology is moving to offer health-related benefits to people who would never define themselves as "techie". And also marvelous that hearing assistance is becoming accessible to people where financial considerations don't have to be overwhelming.


Sarasota, FL
Audiologists rely on the quality of patient feedback. These new ideas rely on the quality of patient feedback. They make sense. Bring 'em on!

Hearing aid sufferer


Quoting Mr Borton “High quality hearing aid fittings by audiologists involve verifications by various electronic measures and validation.”
This is specifically not true. You would think that an audiologist, as a common practice, would be able to give you a hearing test with your hearing aids in place, after to fitting you with hearing aids, to make sure they are working well. I have never found an audiologist that has the means for such a test. They just ask you to go away for a week and come back and tell them how you think it is working.
The fact that audiologists do not or can not verify the fittings they make reveals what an overpriced non-performing activity getting a hearing aid involves.
The FDA is simply a shill to protect the oligopoly that controls hearing aid manufacture as it actively tries to limit the hearing support available in the new technologies as described in this article.

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