Financing Available
For purchases above $99, financing may be available

Southeastern Medical Supply is pleased to offer financing. There are three forms of financing available : 1) in house credit, 2) PayPal Bill Me Later and 3) Leasestation. Also in house credit can be established through completion of our credit application. Terms are NET 30.

Credit Application

Paypal's financing is generally used by customers that are making personal acquisitions and is available for items purchased for over $99 in value. With this program, customers are able to delay payment for up to six months with no interest payment, Please see specific terms as they may be updated over time. For more information, please click on the Paypal Bill Me Later Button located in the payment screen for certain items. To utilize this service, please use the PayPal "Bill Me Later" option at checkout during the payment process.

The other form of financing available, by Leasestation, is primarily best suited for businesses that are looking for a lease option that can potentially be treated as a business expense. This is usually utilized by businesses or practices that are investing in a significant quantity of more expensive equipment and generally considered at costs above $500 to $1,000. Please utilize the Need Financing? button at the bottom of the page. Clicking on this button opens an application to obtain lease financing and learn what your individual rate will be. The process is confidential and is described below.

Southeastern Medical Supply offers financing options via LeaseStation for all credit types and for both new and established businesses.

A Southeastern Medical Supply Lease/Financing Program via LeaseStation can provide you with significant advantages:

  • Low Upfront Acquisition Cost: Leasing requires only a small, manageable monthly payment. All equipment, services, delivery, and miscellaneous costs can be wrapped into the same lease.

  • Conserve Working Capital: Equipment Leasing can ease the strain on working capital. Clients can continue to leverage their current lines of credit at other financial institutions for emergency needs, current cash flow purposes, investments, and other profit generating activities, while acquiring the equipment they need.

  • Low Monthly Payments: Leasing arrangements range from 24 months, where the equipment is generally depreciated, to up to 60 months, where the monthly payment is generally deducted as an operating expense.

  • Tax Savings: When structured properly, lease payments are 100% deductible for tax purposes, resulting in a lower after-tax cost than conventional financing or outright purchasing.